In the name of ALLAH The Most Beneficent and The Merciful

6 units- Scholl Vertical Dye Machine Model Colorstar, 2 Tube Split/Split 600 kg, , Year 1991/ 92, Barco Sedo Controller, with Add Tank with Mixer, Heat Exchanger, Loading and Unloading Reel, Operator Platform, all Pumps and motors.


 2 Thies Roto-Lufts  Dye machines - Year:2002
One of 6 Port -1200 Kgs 
One of 4 Port -  900 Kgs

 Machine with manifolds for: Heating and Cooling, Condensate and hot water return, blending and safety valve, seam detector for 1 strand, maintenance catwalk, operating platform, combined cool rinse with booster, pump, liquid MPI, dry salt dissolving, add tank, Teflon in kier, AC Inverter, Blend valve, control panel (with main, disconnect and starter to bypass inverter) with fuse bottom tangle meters, blend water control, fabric speed timer, programmable nozzle pressure and lifter reel speed, dry salt control, platform





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