In the name of ALLAH The Most Beneficient and The Merciful

One TubeTex Pak Nit II 40" Width Tubular compactor -
Year : 1987. No Spares avaiable .

One Tubetex PakNit II 50" Wide Compactor for Tubular type Knitted Fabric - Year:1995 - Equipped with Metal Detetctor .
One Complete Line of finishing of HELIOT - France consisting on Dryer & Balooning type Hydro Extractor with Syncronised System. Width : 50" Year : 1993.

One Conveyer HELIOT dryer - Widt: 50" - 3 Chambers - Steam Heated - Single Pass - Production Cap:5,000 Kgs / day . Year:1996 - Machine is still inproduction & highly well maintained.

One Tubetex Compactor for tubular type knitted fabric - Width:50"
Year: 1993 - Still Errected - (SOLD)

Santa Lucia Tenter Frame, year 1997, Bianco Driven Scroll Roll Device for opening the fabric 4 Plastic Tanks, approx. 200 gallon capacity, 2 stainless steel tnks, approx. 80 gallon capcity , with 2 mixer motors, pumps, and controls.  Bianco pad S/N 970326, year 1997, 87" wide with single dip pan, scroll roll entry 2 rubber rolls and vertical pneumatic squeeze, compensator, Bianco Pad 1997, 87" wide with single drip pan, scroll roll entry, 2 rubber rolls and pnematic squeeze, Compensator, Tandematic Plate guide, operators platforn, Santa Lucia Tenter Frame Model Red Type V/5/200 gas S/N 1245 year 1997 entry has Tandamatic plate guides, E&L Type FR 1501 optical/electric rail guides, overfeed, pinning brushes, entry has a supported system for supporting the fabric to the oven, 17'3" long vertical pin chain, over under, total length of frame is 97' long x 84' wide x 17'3" prefeed, at the exit is 10'6", Oven is 69'6" with 5 gas burners per side (total 10 burners, made ny Itas Combustion System Energy Saving and Ecology Solutions in Italy,  MODHP, model 50RM, S/N 9703130, each burner is max capacity is 150 kw, natural gas, 10 circulating fans 5 fans per side, each motor is 15HP, 575 volt, 3 phase, 60 cycle, (2) exhaust fans 1 in the third zone and one in the
last zone. Small exhaust fan in the first entruy also last 2 are 15HP, Cooling Zone, Selvedge Trimmers, Mahlo Moisture Monitor, plaitor, all motors and controls.

Santa Lucia Tenter Frame, year 1999 consisting of: Enters over a 2 Roll Tension Deivce, Bianco Driven Spreader Roll, 86" wide, (4) Plastic Storage Tanks, 1,000 L, with stainless steel pipes, mounted on steel grate platform, 10x10, (8) Nevco valve controllers.
Bianoc 2- Rubber Roll Pad, 87" wide, S/N 990684, year 1999, with single dip pan, driven scroll roll entry 2 rubber roll nip, pneumatic.  Santa Lucia Tenter Frame, gas fired, S/N 1349, Type RED.V.EVO.3.5, year 1999, 86" wide x 94' long, overfeed, Tandematic plate guides, Erhardt & leimer Type FR5501 optical/electricrail guides, pinning brushes, vertical pin chain, center support system to support the fabric before entering the oven, steam section for pre-steaming the goods before reaching the oven, entry is 19' before the oven , gumming device.  Oven is a low profile, gas fired, 66' long oven, with 5 heating zones, 5 Honeywell gas burners per side of the tenter frame housing for a total of 10, each burner has a combustion system, energy saving motor, which is rated at 3HP, there are 10 of these, rated at 8,000,000 BTU's per hour, per burner. 5 blower motors pre side, each blower motor is a14.7 HP, 600 volt, 60 cycle, variable speed motors, 2 exhaust fans( 1in the entry and 1 in the exit for the tenter frame), motor on the exhaust blowers are 9.2HP, ABB motors, 3' Cooling Section, Exit Trimmers at the exit of the tenter frame, overhead Plaitor, Mahlo Moisture Monitor System (Gravimat 6270/61), all motors and controls.

Total length of th frame is "119' long x 23' wide x 11'2" high
Overall Length is 116'6" x 23' wide x 11'6" high
All the above machineries are GUARANTEED in Excellent condition .






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